End Suction Clean Water Centrifugal Pump

End Suction Clean Water Centrifugal Pump


Be utilised for industrial and urban drinking water giving, drainaging, also for agricultural irrigation.
Can shipping and delivery drinking water or liquid that bodily and chemical comparable to water.
Liquid temperature shall not increased than eighty ºC, suction force not much more than .three Mpa.
Normally shaft seal is packing seal, mechanical seals is accessible for decision.
1.IR Single stage stop suction HOT WATER centrifugal pump
two.Be utilised in metallurgy, textile, chemical, printing & dyeing and other industrial discipline
3.Can shipping and delivery liquid with solid impurities that quantity incorporate no far more than .1% and particle dimension not bigger than .2mm.
4.Liquid temperature shall not larger than 150ºC, suction stress not more than  .4Mpa. 
five.Shaft seal is h2o cooling mechanical seal.

one.Cleanout program.
2.Every sequence of meals machining and medication make.
3.CZPT shield method.
4.Waste drinking water therapy for papermaking, metallurgy, galvanization, smelting, dye.
5.CZPTtroplate and Dyeing system.
six.CZPT and chemical sump remedy.
seven.Explosion proof motor for oil, alcohol and other explosive liquid.

Overall performance Data:

Potential: up to 400m3/h
Diameter Inlet: 50-one hundred fifty mm
Diameter Outlet: 32-one hundred twenty five mm
Head : up to 125 m
Turn Velocity: 1450/2900 r/min
The medium shouldn’t surpass 120degree Celsius.
More specifics can be negotiated.

Potential Head Electrical power Effeciency
(mm)(mm)(mm) (m3/h) (m) (kW) (%)
50-32-a hundred twenty five 12.5 20 two.two sixty
50-32-one hundred twenty five 6.three five .fifty five 54
fifty-32-one hundred sixty 12.five 32 three 54
fifty-32-a hundred and sixty six.3 eight .55 48
fifty-32-200 12.5 fifty 5.five 48
50-32-two hundred six.3 twelve.5 .seventy five 42
fifty-32-250 twelve.5 80 eleven 38
fifty-32-250 six.three 20 one.five 32
65-fifty-125 twenty five 20 3 69
sixty five-50-125 12.five 50 .fifty five 64
65-50-160 twenty five 32 .5 65
sixty five-50-a hundred and sixty twelve.5 5 .75 60
65-40-two hundred twenty five 50 7.5 sixty
sixty five-forty-200 twelve.5 twelve.five one.1 55
65-forty-250 twenty five 80 fifteen 50
65-forty-250 12.five twenty two.2 forty six
80-65-a hundred twenty five 50 twenty 5.five seventy five
80-65-one hundred twenty five twenty five 5 .seventy five seventy one
80-sixty five-a hundred and sixty 50 32 seven.five 73
80-sixty five-one hundred sixty twenty five eight one.5 sixty nine
8050-two hundred 50 50 15 sixty nine
eighty-fifty-two hundred twenty five twelve.five two.two 65
80-50-250 50 80 22 63
80-50-250 25 20 3 60
eighty-fifty-315 50 one hundred twenty five 37 54
eighty-50-315 25 32 five.five 52
a hundred-80-a hundred twenty five a hundred 20 11 seventy eight
a hundred-80-125 50 5 one.five 75
a hundred-eighty-a hundred and sixty 100 32 fifteen seventy eight
a hundred-80-160 50 eight 2.two seventy five
one hundred-sixty five-200 a hundred 50 22 seventy six
one hundred-65-200 50 12.5 four seventy three
100-65-250 100 80 37 72
100-sixty five-250 fifty twenty five.five sixty nine
100-sixty five-315 100 a hundred twenty five 75 66
a hundred-sixty five-315 fifty 32 eleven sixty three
125-one hundred-two hundred 200 fifty forty five 81
125-100-200 100 12.five 7.5 76
a hundred twenty five-one hundred-250 two hundred 80 seventy five 78
one hundred twenty five-100-250 a hundred 20 eleven 76
125-a hundred-315 a hundred 32 fifteen seventy three
one hundred twenty five-100-four hundred a hundred 50 30 sixty five
a hundred and fifty-125-250 two hundred 20 18.5 81
a hundred and fifty-a hundred twenty five-315 two hundred 32 thirty seventy nine
two hundred-a hundred and fifty-250 400 twenty 37 seventy nine
two hundred-one hundred fifty-315 400 32 45 79
200-a hundred and fifty-400 four hundred 50 seventy five seventy seven

Business information:

ZHangZhoug CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd is one of the foremost producers and exporters in the subject of sector pumps with production amenities in mainland China. We are specialized in oil pump, diaphragm pump, diesel engine pump, centrifugal pump, screw pump, chemical pump and so forth.

End Suction Clean Water Centrifugal Pump