Expedition Series Fuel Dispenser

Expedition Series Fuel Dispenser

Expedition Sequence

JDK50E111(1HOSE 1Pump)
External Dimension:1571x490x2150(mm)
JDK50E222(2HOSES 2Pumps)
External Dimension:1110x490x2150(mm)
JDK50E212 (2HOSES 1Pump)
External Dimension:1110x490x2150(mm)

CZPT Specificatons

Parts Installed(CZPT): 

1.LanFeng CZPTtronic Unit 



four.CZPT Nozzle. 

5. Ex-Motor 


CZPT Specs: 

1.Accuracy: ±0.3% 

2.Frequency: 50HZ±1HZ/60HZ±1HZ 

3.Shipping and delivery Rate: five to 50L/min 

4.Rating Power: .75KW 

5.Measurbale Minimum: 5L 

6.Ambient Humidity: thirty% to 90% 

7.Noise: ≤80dB(A)

eight.Ambient Temperature: -40ºC to +60ºC 

9.Inlet Vacuum: ≥0.06MPa 

ten.Anti-Explosive ID: Exdm[ib]ib II AT3  

eleven.Anti-Explosive Certification Quantity:CE011154 CE011155 CE011156 CE011157 

12.Totalizer Assortment:.00 to 99999999999.99 

fourteen.Selection of Price tag: .01 to 99999 

15.License of CZPT Metric CZPT:ZheZi00000625 

sixteen.Preset Min Worth: .01 to .99L 

17.Power CZPT: AC380V±20% or AC220V±20% 

Expedition Series Fuel Dispenser