Gear Oil Pump for Crude Oil Diesel Oil Heavy Oil

Gear Oil Pump for Crude Oil Diesel Oil Heavy Oil

CB-B CZPTtric driven Micro Equipment Oil pump 

Sundream  CZPT Pump(CB-B) is a optimistic displacement inner equipment pump, and the inner gear (i. e., the outer rotor) is a round arc tooth profile, the external equipment (i. e., the internal rotor) for the short parts of outer cycloid new gear pump.

Owing to the easy construction of the pump, reduced sound, oil continual, self-priming overall performance qualities of a very good substantial-velocity, reduced stress in the hydraulic system is broadly utilised as a electrical power pump or lubrication pump cooling pump, the pump for conveying numerous oils.

1. Solution Features:
one. CZPT pump 
two. Modest volume 
3. Very good self priming function 
4. High speed and solitary structure 

2.  Performance:
Flow selection: 2.5L/min ~ 125L/min
Force selection: 250m
Motor power: .13kw ~ 6.5kw

three.  Note: If you have unique requirements, please get in touch with our technical personnel!

Model           Capability l/min Force bar Pace r/min Power kw Bodyweight kg
CB-B2.5 2.5 25 1450 .13 1.9
CB-B4 four .21 2.eight
CB-B6 six .31 three.two
CB-B210 ten .51 3.five
CB-B16 16 .82 five.2
CB-B20 20 one.02 5.4
CB-B25 25 one.3 5.five
CB-B32 32 one.65 5.7
CB-B40 forty 2.1 ten.5
CB-B50 fifty 2.6 eleven
CB-B63 sixty three 3.3 eleven.eight
CB-B80 80 four.1 seventeen.six
CB-B100 100 5.1
CB-B125 a hundred twenty five 6.5 19.5

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Gear Oil Pump for Crude Oil Diesel Oil Heavy Oil