Japan Used Tractors Low Price Snow Cleaning Machine M915 Telescopic Wheel Loader

Japan Used Tractors Low Price Snow Cleaning Machine M915 Telescopic Wheel Loader

japan employed tractors reduced cost snow cleaning equipment M915 telescopic wheel loader


Steel CAMEL M915 snow cleaning road sweeper telescopic wheel loader is a new style to the marketplace, which is avaible for a lot of distinct cleansing tools, like open sweeper, gathering sweeper with bucket, snow bucket, doze blade, V-snow blade, snow blower, and so forth.

Compared with other Chinese wheel loaders, STEEL CAMEL loader is more compact size, better mobility in very tight space and narrow indoors.

With Perkins/Yanmar/Kohler engine, 4 independent hydraulic wheel motors, flexible articulation, STEEL CAMEL loader is powerful and better through capacity on all rough tarrain.

Hydrostatic transmission, quick hitch and coupling system, telescopic boom, differential speed, joystick control…all these features make STEEL CAMEL loader easier and more smooth to operate.

With both front and rear hydraulic output to use different attachments, STEEL CAMEL loader is a combination of loader and tractor.


Loader functions:
M915 small telescopic loader adopts impartial driving and operating program, can give huge output at low driving pace.

Powerful Energy:
–Oversea CZPT manufacturer diesel motor, Perkins, Kubota, Yanmar, and so on.
–Twin pump for operating gadget, max. output 82l/min.
–Hydrostatic transmission, every wheel has a hydraulic motor, constantly four wheel drive.
–Italian piston pump gives steady circulation and pressure to the driving motors.

Functioning Protection:
–CZPT style and equipments follows the european machinery directive, CE accredited
–ROPS/FOPS cabin, running seat with protection belt nicely safeguard the driver
–Cylinder protection prevent the increase from fall when mainteance
–Safety help rod when tilt the cabin

Fantastic Motility:
–Adaptable articulation guarantees all the 4 wheels touching ground and have traction power in all terrain, potent and powerful
–Max. 1500mm width, can move via slender area amony trees or other minimal spaces
–Min. 2820mm turning radius, can switch smartly in house backyard, little farm, and so forth.

Easy Procedure:
–Metal CAMEL loader has humanzied design for working, the driver has total control of all movements totally free and straightforward.
–Multifunction joystick, the operator has entire handle to all functioning action just by 1 hand
–Steering wheel with ball, one hand handle the loader’s turning
–CZPT/Reverse two foot pedal manage the loader’s driving
–CZPT swift coupling, modifying attachments do not want to get off the loader 

Straightforward servicing:
–Steel CAMEL loader devoted to provide ideal consumer encounter, we do not only concern functionality, but also effortless routine maintenance
–Tiltable cabin presents full accessibility to the complete inside of construction of the loader, and it can be carried out in 1 moment just by your arms.
–The complete management technique is just under a bolted on facet cover, and all the bolts are just outside the house to your arms

Multi operate for numerous demands:
–Telecopic increase increase the achieve of camel loader to 3m, allow it to some employment which out the reach of regular growth loader
–Front hydraulic output collectively with the swift coupling method, with hundreds of attachments can be a loader, forklift, mower, log grapple, and many others.
–Rear hydraulic output and three position linkage, can be employed as a tractor.

Loader technical knowledge:

Solution title telescopic wheel loader M915
Dimension with cabin (LxWxH) 3450x1500x2300mm
Max. lifting height (typical increase) 3000mm
Max. lifting height (telescopic growth) 3562mm
Pulling drive 18kN
Bucket capacity .8m3
Rated loading potential 1500kg
Min. turning radius 2820mm
Turning angle 45 diploma
Min. ground clearance 330mm
Speed -twelve-24km/h (two speed)
Operating excess weight 2300kg
Regular tire 31×15.five-15
Oil tank potential 80L
Stress 190bar
Working oil movement 41L/minx2
Tracking oil movement 102L/min
Gas tank ability 40L
Motor Perkins 404D-22
Electrical power 50hp/37.3kw


Loader+Tractor, a single Multi-objective helper for all your works

Entrance element is loader, with telescopic boom, hydraulic output, rapid hitch and coupling system for a variety of attachments, like bucket, fork, grapple, auger, hammer, garden mower, etc.
Rear part is tractor, with hydraulic output, three-position hitch, hydraulic PTO, for rotary tiller, flail mower, plough, harrow, trailer, and so on.
Steel CAMEL sequence devices are widely employed in farming, agriculture, landscaping, gardening, design, municiple, and so forth.

Loader warranty:

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Japan Used Tractors Low Price Snow Cleaning Machine M915 Telescopic Wheel Loader