Medical Use Rotary Vane Vacuum Air Suction Pump

Medical Use Rotary Vane Vacuum Air Suction Pump

Solution overview

This sort of pump is an tools for evacuating air from an enclosed container. It could be used alone or served as the forepump, process pump or titanium pump of booster pump, diffusion pump, and molecular pump.

one. Modest dimensions, gentle weight, minimal sounds.
two. Equipped with gas ballast valve to pump a tiny drinking water vapor.
three. Outfitted with oil-anti-suckback devices for practical starting up.
4. This is an enhanced pump (Third generation pump).   
The pumps are also utilized in generating electrical vacuum cases, vacuum jointing, printing, vacuum forming. It is broadly employed in foodstuff packaging, scientific investigation, health care therapy, electronics, chemicals and laboratory or laboratory of universities and schools.

Business overview

1988:established headquarter in ZHangZhoug, primarily make vacuum pump SK series for medication business

1997:proven a revenue branch in ZheJiang

1998:investigation and create SK-A,SK-D collection for plastic industry

2007:create foreign trade department and start off overseas trade enterprise


Main goods:

Liquid ring vacuum pump:SK,SK-A,SK-D,2SK,2SK-B,2BEA,and many others

Centrigugal pump: IZ(BL),and many others

Rotary vane vacuum pump:2X,2XZ-B,VRD,XD,etc 


CEISO9001:2000 ISO14001:2004


Medical Use Rotary Vane Vacuum Air Suction Pump