Twin Screw Extruder and Pelletizing System for Pet Plastic

Twin Screw Extruder and Pelletizing System for Pet Plastic

Twin CZPT Extruder and Pelletizing Program for PET CZPT


Recycled PET bottle flakes are produced from waste beverage bottles by methods of sorting/ crushing/ washing and drying etc. , therefore recycled PET bottles flakes can be produced at any spot the place beverage consumption can be transpired. As the principal industry of recycled PET bottle flakes importing, there are far more than ten-thirteen million tons PET bottle flakes imported into China every year.
In yr of 2017, environmental laws in China will get more and much more strict, waste plastics are totally forbidden to import into China, as portion of squander plastics, recycled PET neither can be imported in any varieties of bottles bales or flakes Pursuing the Chinese environmental laws, recycled plastics can only be imported in the kind of granules/chips, for that reason, it is required to re-pelletize the recycled PET bottles flakes for PET bottle flakes recyclers.

CZPTly forbidden to import into China, as part of waste plastics, recycled PET neither can be imported in any kinds of bottles bales or flakes Following the Chinese environmental restrictions, recycled plastics can only be imported in the form of granules/chips, therefore, it is required to re-pelletize the recycled PET bottles flakes for PET bottle flakes recyclers.

Processing issues

  • Keep away from hydrolyzing during PET bottles flakes re-pelletizing process
  • Huge displacement ventilating unit needed to recognize bare minimum IV value lowering
  • Steer clear of or reduce yellowing effect in the course of re-pelletizing approach
  • CZPT pelletizing approach asked for to decrease the labor load and comprehend steady large output.

Recycled PET bottle flakes re-pelletizing flowchart from ACERETECH

Functions of PET bottle flakes recycling and pelletizing system from ACERETECH

  • Ample pre-drying time is needed before the bottle flakes enter into re-pelletizing phase, ACERETECH adopts possibly venting kind compactor or lifting variety drying hopper to pre-dry the flakes and remove the humidity from flakes, to stay away from PET hydrolyzing throughout the re-pelletizing procedure


  • Combine the attributes of modular designed processing segment and effectively degassing efficiency structure from twin screw extruder and automated three-amount roots sort vacuum pump set, restrict vacuum degassing pressure can be certain achieving -.1MPa, to remove the volatiles from PET melts maximumly by means of degassing device, so as to assure very small IV benefit decreasing


  • Optimized method actions and specialized made processing section of twin screw extruder, make the PET flakes repeatedly and proficiently  transforming from reliable point out into liquid state, to avoid yellowing effect which could be occurred since of lifeless angle or local large temperature
  • Strands pelletizing device is the typical PET pelletizing strategy, the strands which occur out from extruder’s die part, will be manually hauled into the water trough to awesome, then, h2o taken off through the air knife unit, cut by the rotary blades of pelletizer and form the granules/chips. This strands pelletizing way requests much more labor and competent operation habits, is suitable to the capacity request underneath 600kg/h for PET flakes re-pelletizing
  • But concerning higher potential PET pelletizing task, strands pelletizing way is not appropriate, automatic and dependable underwater pelletizing system is required to assure large output and automation overall performance.


Recycling device factorys (ACERETECH)

Product ASE collection
Feeding CZPT Loader
Extruder Twin screw
Cutting Type Strands pelletiziing system
CZPT Type Water cooled
Product CZPT pellets/granules/resins
Material Type Squander flakes,and regrinds of PET
Material Shape Flakes,regrinds
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CZPTry Size   Date of twin screw extruder Throughput rate
    Diameter of screw(mm) L/D Motor power(Kw)
ASE65     62.four 36 90 two hundred-three hundred
ASE75     seventy one.two 36 132 three hundred-500
ASE95     ninety one 36 315 600-800

Gain of our system
a. Drinking water-cooling temperature controls for approach segment,to promise exact management of method temperature.

b.Strands pelletizing program set into the recycling program.

c. Arrangement for inspection, set up and testing perform

d. Long-term support:We will charge the purchaser cost cost of spare elements over and above one particular calendar year and provide prolonged-term complex guide

Provider and help
1.Abroad installation and education are accessible

two.CZPT guarantee with spares in stocking and in-time shipping and delivery.




Twin Screw Extruder and Pelletizing System for Pet Plastic