Xbc Cast Iron Diesel Engine Driven Fire Fighting Water Pump

Xbc Cast Iron Diesel Engine Driven Fire Fighting Water Pump

>>> Merchandise description                                                    
We use CHANGSONG&lparthe prime two manufacturer in China&comma deeply obsessed by customers&rpar diesel motor for its best performance and its suited price tag&period of time We usually equip the 4 batteries&comma 1 fuel filter&comma a single air filter&comma a single lube oil filter&comma one coolant filter two belts for our consumers&time period The colour of the diesel engine will be according customers preference&time period  

As a hearth-battling most recent gear&comma XBC diesel engine fire-preventing pump group collection are developed effectively&comma strictly complying with nationwide CZPT GB6245-2006&comma The Performance Prerequisite and Testing Method of Fire Fighting Pumps and with NFPA20&comma Installation of Centrifugal Fireplace-combating Pumps&time period
Labeled by coupled pump head varieties &lparsingle stage one suction sort&comma single phase double suction type&comma multi-area multistage type&rpar&comma this tools can fall into three sub-categories&colon XBC-IS&comma XBC-S and XBC-D&interval The equipment is widely used in a lot of occasions&period
This gear can use substantial good quality diesel engines from domestic marketplace or international nations&comma so it is the hearth security tools with benefits as follows&comma steady start off&comma high capability&comma compact framework&comma simple upkeep&comma substantial automation and advanced and trustworthy overall performance&period of time

>>> Solution Characteristics
X6135&comma 12v135&comma 4102&comma 4105&comma 61 02&comma 4100&comma 495 etc diesel engine series provide electricity for our pumps&period of time Our fire-fighting pumps are adaptable coupled with these diesel engines &lparclutches are available&rpar&period Apart from&comma diesel tank&comma radiation h2o tank&comma blower&comma management panel &lparfor the automated device&rpar and so forth can be offered as components&period
Getting the auto-control unit&comma a individual diesel motor auto-control panel &lparprogrammable&rpar carries out the system’s computerized commence&comma operate&comma vehicle-change &lparthe electrical motor pump device is switched to the diesel motor pump or the diesel engine pump device to an additional diesel pump unit&rpar&comma vehicle-security &lparwarning and cease security for the diesel engine’s above-pace&comma reduce oil stress&comma substantial drinking water temperature&comma 3-time start failures&comma low voltage of accumulator warning and many others&period of time&rpar and also can be related to user’s fire-battling center or the fire auto-warning device with the purpose of distant checking&period
In order to maintain the device operating usually below 5ºC&comma it can be fitted with an AC 220v h2o cooling program&interval
The diesel motor hearth-battling pump group can be shaped with electric motor pumps and jockey pumps as an automated fireplace-combating drinking water offer system &lparsee tabel1&rpar&period For far more information&comma please see our document “Diesel Motor Manage Program”&interval The technique also can be related to the fireplace-preventing heart&period of time
There are two approaches of inletting the water&colon manual water introducing and h2o self-priming&period of time the former is preferred in accordance with fireplace-combating defense CZPT&interval CZPT vacuum h2o self-priming devices can be presented only when customers request&interval In this case&comma the dimension of the diesel engine pump unit is modified&period

>>> Item Parts

No&period of time Name QTY&lparset&rpar
1 Oil CZPT one
2 Gas CZPT one
three Air CZPT one
four Exhibit Meters four
five Versatile Shaft Joint 1
six Widespread Base with Gas Tank 1
seven CZPTery DC 12V&ast1
8 CZPT Enthusiast one

>>> CZPT Method of Generator
The cooling method of the oil engine provided by this CO&interval&comma is typically in a shut cycle and capabilities cooling in such a way as both generator’s area and radiating h2o get heat exchange with the airflow created by its blower&interval remember to make a observe at get if necessitating an opened cycle of cooling&lpari&periode&time period cooling of the generator is carried out by way of a warmth exchanger between the cooling drinking water transported through a water pump and the cycling water inside of of the diesel motor&rpar&period

>>>Model Which means
XBC&colon diesel engine fireplace preventing pump group
8&colon ten moments rated stress of pump&lparbar&rpar
fifty&colon rated movement&lparL&solS&rparof pump team
IS&colon fireplace battling pump kind&lparIS&period S&period D as solitary stage single suction type&comma solitary phase double suction kind&comma sectional multi-stage kind independently&rpar

>>> Merchandise Application
This sort of pump can be suitable for the hearth combating wate provide in storehouse&comma property&comma airport&comma petroleum&comma and chemical sector&comma power plant&comma liquefied fuel&comma textile&comma ship&comma oil ship etc&period 


Xbc Cast Iron Diesel Engine Driven Fire Fighting Water Pump