Hot Air Heat Pump Vegetables Onion Asparagus Lettuce Drying Machine

Hot Air Heat Pump Vegetables Onion Asparagus Lettuce Drying Machine

Sizzling Air Heat Pump Greens Onion Asparagus Lettuce Drying CZPT

Item Description

Hot Air Heat Pump Greens Onion Asparagus Lettuce Drying CZPT,also known as warmth pump drying machine.It is dependent on the inverse CZPTt theory,which get the power from the setting air and transfer it 4 times of heat to the drying place to dry supplies large efiiciently and only time of enegy consumption.

The material drying method is a massive energy-consuming method. In most created international locations, the vitality eaten for drying accounts for seven%-15% of the overall strength use in the place, even though the thermal effectiveness is only twenty five%-fifty% .Most of the classic drying approach, especially for heat sensitive materials, will have an effect on its shade, nourishment, taste and texture .

The sizzling air drying technologies has the tages of low energy use, lower environmental pollution, substantial drying top quality, wide application range, and so on. Its outstanding vitality preserving influence has been proved by entire world broad experimental


Benefit of the machine:

Hot Air Warmth Pump Greens Onion Asparagus Lettuce Drying CZPT’s gain:

1.No pollution:

Reduced temperature closed cycle drying,reducing vitality intake, avoiding environmental and human air pollution ,making sure the top quality of the resources getting dried. No squander gasoline emissions to the setting brought on.

2. Hold nutritions

Precise temperature and humidity handle, more effective than standard drying equipment to shield the colour, aroma, taste, form and effective ingredients of resources

3.Vast range of purposes

The air temperature of the drying chamber is among 20 C and 80’C, which can meet the substantial good quality drying needs of most thermal delicate supplies

 4. CZPT control: Temperature and Dampness
According to the drying craft demands, the drying tempreture and humidity can be controlled. and the drying temperature can be established in various time periods.

five.Simple installation

Effortless installation, built-in drying, dehumidification, set up, demolition is practical and small installation area.It can be mounted inside of or outuside.

6.Low price
In contrast with other low-temperature drying products(this sort of as microwave drying, vacuum drying and freeze-drying), the sizzling air drying equipment is certainly much more financial because of its little preliminary expense and low functioning expense.

Comprehensive Impression:

CZPT Parameter

3P 8P 15P
Primary Energy
two.4KW 6.4Kw 12KW
Auxiliary electric heating electricity
3KW 12Kw 24KW
Drying area size
three.3*two*2.2m 5.6*2.two*two.7m eight*3*2.8m
.25kw*eight sets .25kw*16 sets .75kw*16sets
Cart amount
four six fifteen
Tray dimension and amount
430*730mm*ninety six pieces 600*800mm*144 parts 600*800mm*360 parts



Inside: plastic bag.

Exterior: picket case (adopt the picket scenario or wood pellets depended on clients’ need).


CZPT, practice, categorical, or upon clients’ calls for.

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Hot Air Heat Pump Vegetables Onion Asparagus Lettuce Drying Machine