Movable Twin Screw Pump

Movable Twin Screw Pump

Hygienic stainless metal twin screw pump

The Twin screw pump is also referred to as the double screw pump&comma which is crystallization from present day design technology
and present day high precision production technology&period of time In accordance to the manufacturing CZPT of modern day sanitary fluid
tools&commathe pump is released open up and modular functioning method and sanitary style construction&comma which remove any
lifeless area in the tools and can be completely for CIP&solSIP procedure&time period Primarily based on sanitary CZPT and demand from customers from
EHEDG&comma Food and drug administration&comma GMP and 3A&commathe operators preserve improving to make sure a substantial- quality of the gear&interval
The specially designed spiral program&comma by meshing mutually and relative motion in the cavity&comma forming a collection of small
parallel rooms with dynamic and mutual sealed area curved surface area&comma meanwhile&comma forming a shut match between the
spiral and the in-wall of the cavity&comma and the part between the entrance conclude &lparsuction inlet&rpar of the cavity and the rear-stop &lparoutlet&rpar is divided into a variety of little sealing cavities&interval With the rotation from the spiral&comma the ongoing meshing and disengaging motion repeat the very same movement from front to again&period The sealing structure from the dynamic rotary curved floor successively encloses the fluid from the cavity in the suction inlet&commaand keeps pushing the fluid to the outlet for easy discharge together the spiral axis&interval

The path of movement from the screw rotor is the same as the circulation course from the provides&comma so the materials are
not wrecked or stirred&time period The crew rotor can be flatly rotated or reversely rotated&semi the operator can arbitrarily adjust
the flow path based on the demands of productive technological innovation&semi The pump can produce components made up of graininess&comma
and is not going to arise any shear or destruction for items&semi The pump can deliver resources with low and higher viscosity&comma
only resources can be flowed&comma can they be delivered&periodThe pump can provide liquid&comma and can recognize a mixed conveying
with air-liquid&comma solid-liquid and resources&comma even showing up a whole lot of bubbles&commathere will not likely be Drinking water Hammer influence&periodBased
on the pump kinds&comma there are 8 significant collection&comma flow with 3300m7h is optional&semiBased on viscosity of liquid&comma stress
with &period6-2&period5Mpa is optional&semiFlow with various viscosities can be conveyed&commathe greatest up to 2&comma000&comma000cps&semi
The optimum rotary pace can up to 4000rpm&semi The highest working temperature can up to 150&quest&semiThe inhalation overall performance is fantastic&comma possessing particular vehicle-suction capability&comma vacuum diploma of -&period09MpaWell-dispersed and continuous circulation&comma modest pulse and vibration and reduced sounds&semiSolid modular framework&commaeasy for set up and maintenance&semi The widespread two pole or four pole motor and the variable frequency velocity handle technique can be optional&semi The pump entire body is the core component of the complete program&comma which is consist of front cavity cover&commacavity&commaand screw rotor&comma axis of rotation&commamechanical seal cavity and mechanical seal&time period The travel shaft is adopted rough and strengthened design and one-physique construction&commaand picked excellent and large-intensitive stainless steel supplies with unique precipitation&semi whilst&commathe mechanical seal is adopted circulation-sort h2o closing manner&comma high-force spring&comma hygiene&comma protection and longevity&period of time

Design JML-50 JML-eighty JML-a hundred JMF-80 JMF-one hundred JMF-120 JMF-140 JMF-200
Emulsified granularity &lparum&rpar

Single cycle or multi-cycle

five~40 three~40 2~forty 3~forty two~forty 2~forty two~forty 2~40
Modifying assortment &lparmm&rpar one-&period01 1-&period01 one-&period01 one-&period01 1-&period01 one-&period01 one-&period01 1-&period01
Output &lpart&solh&rpar

Variable according to natures of components

&period01-&period2 &period3-1 &period5-2 &period3-one &period5-2 &period7-3 1-4 2-7
Motor Power &lparKw&rpar 1&period1 3 five&period5 4 five&period5 seven&period5 11 15
Electrical power provide 3Ph&comma 380V&comma 50Hz
Rotation pace &lparr&solmin&rpar 2900 2900 2900 2900 2900 2900 2900 2900
Milling slice diameter &lparmm&rpar fifty 80 a hundred eighty 100 120 one hundred forty 200
Diameter of outlet &lparmm&rpar 15 25 32 twenty five 32 forty 40 65
Diameter of inlet &lparmm&rpar 32 fifty 50 50 fifty 65 80 120
CZPT drinking water pipe diameter &lparmm&rpar 8
Make contact with materials CZPT steel 304 &lpar316 is optional&rpar
Dimension L &lparmm&rpar 420 520 560 640 750 750 820 980
W &lparmm&rpar 280 400 420 550 620 620 seven hundred 800
H &lparmm&rpar 760 900 950 1030 1080 1080 1250 1550
Internet Weight &lparKg&rpar forty two eighty four 129 210 275 295 325 450

Movable Twin Screw Pump